What is a Rampage Rally (RR) event?

  • RR is a new format motorbike event that involves small capacity adventure bikes to participate in rally based special stages using ‘digital’ navigation such as GPX route files, waypoints and electronic roadbook routes.
  • Each stage tests the riders ability to ride while navigating using electronic roadbooks (similar to Dakar), discipline, planning, speed and timing, to score points for the event.
  • Stages are designed to mostly focus on navigation, speed, time and scoring.
  • All routes are tough but are completely rideable and safe for both bike and rider. What makes it different is the navigation  requirement and your ability to navigate while riding at your own speed and capability.
  • The RR events specifically use only digital navigation with mobile devices. The special stages of the event requires using electronic roadbooks and GPX routes on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.
  • Rampage Rallies adds to the excitement by including navigation while riding, as a key common denominator and equaliser.
  • Our rallies are designed to be more adventurous than your typical social event, but not as competitively hardcore as full rally events such as Dakar or our local Kalahari Rally.


Who is this type of event aimed at?

  • The Rampage Rallies are designed for riders that have ‘been around the block’ with their adventure bikes and need a new adventure. Not necessarily a speed challenge and not a skills challenge.
  • If you have been riding adventure bikes and have seen the country, done the social events, and want a little more adventure towards competitive rally events, but don’t want to venture into the high costs and risk of competitive rally events such as Dakar, this is for you.
  • A new experience where adventure riding meets technology and navigation.


What is the format of Rampage Rally events?

    • 4 days in total including travel to and from the venue.
      • Day one (Thursdays) is arriving, scrutineering, familiarization and setting up. This also includes training and sample stages for testing.
      • Day 2 to day 4 (Friday to Sunday) includes typically between 8-16 Special Stages (SS), with liaison travel stages in between.
    • The whole event uses a fixed venue.
    • Rampage Rally events follow the same model.
    • Riders start each stage according to a fixed time schedule so each rider can make sure they get to the start of their  upcoming special stages at their own time.
    • On most special stages the riders start separately and not in a batch. You will thus be riding alone with riders ahead of you, behind you, passing you or you will be passing slower riders while navigating.
  • A Rampage event is a complete all inclusive package. Included in your entry fee is:
    • Tent accommodation for each rider. So each rider gets their own tent for privacy and space,
    • Breakfast and suppers included,
    • Medical support at the venue and each active stage,
    • Bike recovery and field support if you have a crash, breakdown or mishap during a special stage,
    • On-site workshop with a mechanic and spares,
    • Satellite tracking per riders and staff for safety and tracking of waypoints etc,
    • Scoring based on each stage objectives with penalties and disqualification where needed
    • and much more.


Is this a professional or registered timed event?

  • No, this is not a professional or registered competitive event.
  • This is a social, self-paced navigation adventure rally event with certain aspects added to make it more exciting
    and safer. Such as roadbook navigating, satellite tracking, scoring based on stage criteria, rider support etc.


What skill level can participate?

  • This is not a beginner rider event, but also not a competitive rally.
  • You need to be a confident off-road rider that can ride at your preferred pace whilst navigating.
  • You will need to also consider the venue and conditions such as deep sand, climbs and whatever the stages throw at you.
  • This event is not a technical skills challenge event, but a navigation challenge event.
  • This is not a MX or Enduro type event, but an adventure bike to rally bike event.
  • You don’t need to be the fastest or the most skilled rider. You must be able to ride, navigate, think and plan to score, compete, place or even win the event.


Do I need a rally bike?

  • No, the Rampage events are aimed at adventure bikes, although rally bikes may participate.
  • Due to the nature of the special stages and leaning towards rally type riding, a small capacity adventure bike is required and the rider must be comfortable with off-road riding, recovery situations and self-maintenance.


What do I need to participate in the event?

  • You need a sub 700cc small capacity adventure or rally bike. Exceptions are made specifically for KTM 790, 890 and 990 as well as Africa Twins (1000cc). Any request for a rider to use a larger than 700cc will include that the rider needs to motivate their capability to attend the event on the big bike. The reason for this requirement is due to the risk and overhead larger bikes put on the infrastructure, recovery and support. Including rider safety when crashing or falling.
  • You will need to set up digital navigation on your bike with a mobile device and preferably a handlebar controller for the device to use the navigation device while riding. (This can be supplied by Rally Rampage)
  • Bikes need to be roadworthy, street legal and well maintained.
  • Riders must have a valid motorbike license or learners license.


What is needed for digital/mobile/electronic navigation?

  • Digital navigation or mobile navigation uses a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, mounted in front of the rider to show the required information to navigate while riding (Training and advice on these units can be obtained from Rally Rampage)
  • Rampage Rallies do not use any traditional GPS devices such as Garmin, due to their limited ability in these types of rally events.
  • The navigation is typically offered using GPX route files, waypoints and electronic roadbooks files with detail, waypoints and routes.
  • The mobile device, preferably Android-based, uses publicly available apps such as Rally Navigator and GPX Viewer Pro to view pre-designed roadbooks and waypoints, or route files. Depending on what the rally special stage requires.
  • A Bluetooth handle controller is highly recommended. This simple device typically uses Bluetooth to connect to the mobile device and using buttons on your handlebar in the left thumb position, you can scroll your navigation apps during stages or while riding. (This unit can be purchased from Rally Rampage or downloaded as a self-made open-source product)


What do I need to know to navigate?

  • You need to learn how to navigate using a mobile device with apps.
  • You need to learn how to read electronic roadbooks.
  • Complete training on these skills are available from Rally Rampage and can be booked on the website.


What’s the cost?

  • The cost for each event will differ, but the Rampage Rally events intend to make rally riding with your adventure bike affordable and fun. Adding a new aspect to your existing riding career.
  • Costs are planned to be all-inclusive of what you need for the complete event to be thoroughly enjoyable.


Route difficulty?

  • Routes are not ‘bike breakers’ or ‘back breakers’.
  • Routes in the special stages are not designed to ‘see if you can make it’.
  • Routes are all rideable and safe for both bike and rider.
  • The stages are not designed to test your technical capability but rather just your riding whilst navigating capability.
  • You will be riding at your own pace.


Distance of the event?

  • The aim of each special stage is not distance, but discipline in navigation and riding.
  • Our stages are thus not long and from a time point of view will generally not be more than 1.5 hours per special stage.
  • Considering there are on average 8-16 special stages per event, meaning you will do a lot of riding, challenges, navigation and adrenalin.


How do I get more information?

  • All the information is online on our website and these event pages.
  • The website address is https://www.rallyrampage.com
  • If you have additional questions that are not answered you can email us or start a live chat with our chat app on the website.


How to sign up?

  • You simply need to register and pay online on our website at https://www.rallyrampage.com. After that, the magic happens all by itself.
  • You will receive regular updates and communication about the event and the build-up.
  • During the event, you will receive all kinds of communication and updates.


Where will the Rampage Rally events be held?

  • We intend to hold Rampage Rallies throughout South Africa as well as overseas in Australia, Dubai and the US.
  • During 2023 the event and its unique format and navigation theme will be tested, after which it will be rolled out anywhere in the world.
  • Rally Rampage as a business and brand form part of the stories in our book of experiences. Due to this, each rally event is referred to as a Chapter. Our first event will be Rampage Rally | Tonteldoos 2023 Chapter and the second event will be Rampage Rally | Kalahari 2023 Chapter.


What medical and rider support is available?

  • Each event will have a designated full-time medical tent for general issues in the camp.
  • Each active special stage that has riders on it will have a medical officer as well as a support officer
    and a vehicle.
  • We keep the riders per stage small enough to allow a medic or support vehicle quick access to any rider
    that’s in trouble.
  • All riders also get tracked real-time during the complete event using satellite units on their person
    and their bike. If any rider on an active stage is stationary for a certain amount of time, we know to jump into action even without the rider calling for help.
  • Each stage has stage-marshals placed throughout the stage, to assist riders, and give feedback to the control center.


What accommodation is available?

  • As part of the set format of the event, each rider gets a pre-setup tent for the duration of the event.
  • The tents are equipped with a stretcher and mattress.
  • The main event is based on a tented camp for rider accommodation.
  • If riders want different accommodation, they will need to arrange it outside of the event itself, but they will still get a tent, even if it stands empty for the duration. Just As long as the rider is at his starting position on time for his social stage.
  • It is not compulsory for riders to sleep at the venue, but it is highly recommended in order to make their starting times for the special stages.


Is there mechanical support for bikes?

  • Yes, at each event we will have a dedicated workshop setup at the camp, managed by a local bike outfit that will offer spares and a mechanic.
  • Basic spares will be made available onsite to buy from the workshop if you need something.


Event stage options

The stages below are the first types of stages that will be used at Rampage Rally Events. The stages will be used based on the rally venue and its environment. Some stages are more appropriate for certain areas.

Stage types can be used a couple of times in each event.


# Name Challenge Rules Scoring Deductions Disqualification
1 Speed Navigation stage

– Roadbook navigation

– At speed

– Shorter technical course

– Onsite attempt

– Stay on route

– Dns and Dnf apply

Score by best timing

– Poles hit deduction

– Bike drop

– Dns

– Shortcut

– Out of bounds

– Dangerous or irresponsible riding

2 Route navigation

– Roadbook navigation route

– Longer navigation with possible liaison in

– Waypoint

– Dns and Dnf apply

Score by waypoint proof

– Out of time

– Dns

Dangerous or irresponsible riding
3 Speed track

– Onsite speed attempt

– Stay on track

– White poles to avoid

– Stay on route

– Dns and Dnf apply

Score by timing

– Deduction for paaltjies hit

– Bike drop deduction

– Dns

– Shortcut

– Out of bounds

– Dangerous or irresponsible riding

4 Technical Hill climb and decent

– Onsite start options

– Starts at preset distances

– Must complete stage to end

– Dns and Dnf apply

Score by start point Dns Dangerous or irresponsible riding
5 Open waypoints collection

– GPS waypoints over area

– CollectCollect waypoint to receive score

– Take any path

– Collect all waypoint points

– Dns and Dnf apply

– Score by waiting total within time

– Bonus on waypoints in sequence

– Late arrival return

– Double waypoint collecting

– Dns

Dangerous or irresponsible riding
6 Navigation accuracy

– Digital Roadbook Navigation

– Limited visible targets

– Find waypoint be using caps and distance

Dns and Dnf apply Score by waypoint proximity

– Dns

– Late return

Dangerous or irresponsible riding
7 Treasure hunt

– Start together

– Open map

– Actually treasure at each waypoint to collect bonus points

8 Multi Skills & disciplines

– Ride to a waypoint and compete in a local based event to collect

– May be local speciality events of the area

9 Geo Cache Using waypoint for geocache activities and proof of