RR Adventure Tower – Lights

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R 2,020.00

The lights supplied for the tower come from various suppliers and we offer various options in the same price range.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON LEAD TIMES: The towers have a lead time of 2-4 weeks before shipping. This is mainly due to the fabrication time for some of the components. If your order is timed with a batch in process, it can be quicker.

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Want a discount? Become a member!

The current going design features a square'ish set that is the perfect size for the screen. The default lights for placing an order are the square light set.

We offer both round and square lights. The lights can be mounted on the side plates or on the horizontal aluminium bars, depending on the light own mounting options.

The various light differs in brightness and lumens but they are all LED-based and offer super bright lighting.

Our square lights are 'driving' lights and are around 2400 lumens each. The round lights are spotlights and around 3400 lumens each.