Rampage Adventure Tower – KTM & Husky (with 2017 OEM Screen)

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The Rally Rampage Adventure tower is the perfect addition to your bike if you are looking for a rally type screen and fairing, or if you intend riding rally events.

It consists of an aluminium structure that is bolted together to create a light but very strong structure. It features a KTM 450 OEM Rally Replica screen with LED lights and side panels that fasten onto your bike using D-Zus D-ring fasteners.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON LEAD TIMES: The towers have a lead time of 2-4 weeks before shipping. This is mainly due to the fabrication time for some of the components. If your order is timed with a batch in process, it can be quicker.

  • Although the tower and its screen are made for KTM and Husky, the unit can fit onto any bike pending the head bracket mount.
  • If you do, we send the kit with slightly longer bolts to fit with the steering damper.

The Rally Rampage (RR) tower was built to offer an affordable but strong navigation tower to use for adventure riding on bikes that don't have a front fairing. The tower was also designed to accommodate motorbike rally equipment if expanded with some additions.

This kit can be self installed with some minor mechanical understanding and basic tools.


  • Structure
    • KTM 450 OEM Screen (2021) version.
    • Complete metal tower structure with appropriate mounting bracket based on your bike.
    • Lights - 2 square LED lights mounted in the tower
      • (Un-connected for DIY purchases. If Rampage installs we connect them to the electrics)


  • No switches or charging points are supplied. The unit does have the necessary holes lasercut into the tower to mount all well known sizes of switches and charging points.
  • For DIY purchase all electrics are unconnected and has no wiring done. It is not complex to connect but for DIY this is part of what you will have to undertake
  • Stickers not included unless ordered. The kit does not offer any stickers or decals by default.


Here are some more technical details of the tower:

MAIN TOWER Material Anodized Aluminium of 4,5mm thickness on sides and 3mm on top plate.
Head mounting bracket is made from 4mm stainless steel and lasercut to precision.
Machining Lasercut to precision and machine bent
Color Black anodized
Bolts M8 and M6 stainless steel bolts
SCREEN Screen fairing KTM 450 Rally Replica OEM screen as used on the 2017 Dakar
LIGHTS Lights LED super bright 2000+ lumens lights round or square
Quantity 2 Lights
Mounting Side mount or bar mount using M8 stainless steel bolts
Wiring Simply connect and bridge with existing lights of the bike
SIDE PANELS Plastics Polystone G 1.5mm black plastic
Stickers and design Various design options printed on vinyl to fit the panel plastics
GENERAL Weight The complete tower with all sections weighs a mere 3.55kg

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 50 cm
Sticker kit

Husky 701, No stickers, just plain black, Lite original, Dark original, Repsol Inspired, Super Adventure, Redbull Inspired, Motorex inspired