Introduction to Mobile Device Navigation Training @ Tierpoort Adventure Farm (Gauteng)

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In the training we will answer all question and show by practical demonstration what your options are for devices and apps as well as discuss all the myths about using a mobile device. If you heard stories about screens, cracks, cameras, battery, sun damage, vibration, need to be online etc, it's all nonsense. We will show you how mobile devices, chosen and used correctly, far outweigh the use of any traditional GPS device such as Garmin. With the current tools and user-friendliness at your disposal online and on mobile devices, this will be one of your best investment as an adventure motobiker.

If you don't have a mobile navigation setup yet, don't miss this training.

OPTION 1 HALF-DAY THEORY EXPLAINED: Come to the half-day training and learn what's needed before embarking on all things mobile device bike navigation. What device you will need, what apps, how to develop routes online and offline and various mounting options. The morning session also includes an introduction to the amazing world of electronic roadbooks. Lunch is included in this half-day session.
If you attend only the morning theory session and lunch, you don't need to have any devices or mounts yet, as this will be the perfect opportunity to learn what's needed before you commit to anything.

OPTION 2 FULL DAY EXPLAINED: If you join us for the full-day session, the morning includes the theory and demonstration portion as above, then we have a small lunch, and the afternoon consists of practical route navigation using local routes we developed for this training. You will have the opportunity to select from a couple of routes, see the local area, have a coffee on us at one of the local spots and enjoy the afternoon riding and navigating new routes.

    • Morning theory Session of classroom training on devices, navigation, with demonstration and samples.
    • Snacks & coffee
    • Practical afternoon navigating both GPX Tracks and Electronic Roadbook routes.
  • BONUS +
    • Introduction to electronic roadbook navigation
    • Coffee and snacks
    • Light lunch before the practical session
    • Possible Bluetooth handlebar navigation loan units for the training day to experience electronic roadbook navigation, Dakar style.
    • How to develop your own routes.
    • Routes development options.
    • Devices needed for mobile navigation.
    • Creating, loading and working with routes on the mobile device.
    • Tracking and recording options.
    • Safety, recovery, tracking available.
    • Handlebar navigating button options.
    • Typical bike setup.
    • Towers, device holders, power options.
    • Loading and using the mobile apps.
    • GPX routes basics.
    • Navigating while riding
    • Roadbook basics.
    • Building and using electronic roadbooks

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Dates & Venues

22 January 2022- Tierpoort Adventure Farm, 5 March 2022 – Tierpoort Adventure Farm, 4 June 2022 – Tierpoort Adventure Farm


Morning theory session with lunch – no mobile hardware needed, Full day with morning theory, lunch and afternoon practical outrides – requires mobile Android device and bike mount

In this face-to-face training, we answer questions like what mobile device will work for navigation. What apps do you need? How to mount your mobile device.

Join us for either the half-day or full-day session.

OPTION 1: If you don’t yet have a mobile device navigation setup for your bike, come to the mornings half-day advisory training session (lunch included).
OPTION 2: If you already have the Android device and mount, come to our full-day session that includes the morning theory and afternoon practical using your device.

Come and learn what is needed to start using a mobile device to navigate while riding, as well as how to develop better out-rides, bike routes and trips. How to share your rides with friends and groups and how to have more fun on your bike!

You will never look back after this training!



    For this training, you will require an Android device such as a mobile phone or tablet, mounted to your bike in front of the rider, in order to navigate.

    We added on to the course 'Electronic Roadbook' training for free. This requires a 'Bluetooth Handlebar Controller' which is supplied for the duration of the course. This controller needs to be mounted on your handlebar on the left next to the grip.
  • We will allocate a Bluetooth controller to you for the day and assist you in mounting the unit on your bike prior to the practical sessions.

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