RR Adventure Tower – 2017 KTM Dakar Screen

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R 3,650.00

The screen on this adventure tower comes straight from the KTM 450 Rally Replica used in the 2017 Dakar event. This screen is incredibly tough and well designed.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON LEAD TIMES: The towers have a lead time of 2-4 weeks before shipping. This is mainly due to the fabrication time for some of the components. If your order is timed with a batch in process, it can be quicker.

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Want a discount? Become a member!

The screen fits the tower on the front and midsections. It is fastened on the front with special D-Zus fasteners and at the top with M10 stainless steel bolts.

Special consideration has been given to vibration and thus the various fasteners have rubber washers to separate the screen from the hard tower body.