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Rampage Rally One-day Challenge Events are a new exciting off-road adventure that involves navigating a pre-set route using a digital roadbook on a mobile device.


One Days Rally Style Riding

Adventure bikes and Rally bikes

Waypoints challenge and speed zones

One Venue Start to Stop Outride


Collect waypoints on your Adv ride

Digital roadbook navigation


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Join us for the thrilling RAMPAGE RALLY One-Day Challenges!

The RR ODC is a waypoint challenge that involves riding an adventure route while navigating a digital roadbook on your mounted mobile device and collecting all waypoints along the way. Your success in the event is determined by reaching the end in the given time with all waypoints on your app collected.

These ODCs are approximately 200 -450 km in distance and should take about 4-6 hours to complete.

The challenge is to ride the route using a digital roadbook, collect all the waypoints along the route, comply with speed zones and roadbook instructions, and experience the excitement of Dakar and rally-style riding.

Although there are no monetary rewards, a warm cup of coffee is on us after you complete the route and share your feedback.

To navigate the route, you just need a mobile phone or tablet with the roadbook app and internet access to download the roadbook prior to the start. Garmin and traditional GPS devices are not allowed. Any Adventure or Rally bike is welcome, as long as it is road-legal and well-maintained with a mounted mobile phone or tablet for navigation.

The routes are not overly technical and consist of dirt roads and tracks. However, this event is not for beginners as unexpected obstacles may arise. Treat this as a small off-road rally on your adventure bike and be prepared to navigate and take care of yourself and your bike.

The starting orders and briefing will be at 8 am, with the first bikes and groups leaving at 8:30 am to 9 am. You can start your ride at your own discretion from the start point at Pallet Padstal.

These are voluntary, social outrides on public routes and roads, and not formally tracked, or timed events. Rally Rampage, Eugene Beetge, or anyone linked to the event carries no liability for damage to the bike, body, or ego. Please take care of yourself as you would on any other weekend warrior outride. It’s preferred to ride the ODC alone or in groups of 2.

Event information will be shared on the outride WhatsApp Group. Join the group to stay updated. Learning to ride a rally by roadbook is not difficult, but it requires a good deal of concentration. Brief training on roadbook navigating and using the mobile app will be given from 7 am to 8 am at the start venue, on the morning of the ride. Feel free to join the training, which also offers a short sample test ride in the start venue vicinity to try and test your setup.

The aim of this style of riding is to follow the route and pass waypoints to “collect” them. The waypoint “collecting” is achieved digitally by your mobile device and app that tracks your proximity to the waypoint coordinates along the route.

There is no bike tracking, medical support, or vehicle backup, so please take care of yourself as you would on any other weekend warrior outride. A live WhatsApp Group for the ride will be monitored for any questions or issues during the ride.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to experience the thrill of rally riding! Join us for the RAMPAGE RALLY One-Day Challenge!

Indemnity statement

Please note that the roadbooks supplied are developed using satellite views and knowledge of the local environment and routes. The roadbooks may not contain all obstacles and danger zones. Caution and self-preservation must always take priority. The routes have not been pre-ridden within a reasonable time to guarantee that all information in the roadbooks is relevant. You may find closed routes and gates, as well as changes to the conditions and terrain not indicated in the roadbooks. GPX files of the route are made available on the app as a backup in case you exit the challenge or get lost. Once you use the GPX file for route recovery, it is deemed that you failed the challenge or special stage.

Using a mobile device for navigation has many benefits over traditional GPS devices!

Why is navigation important?

What does Rampage Nav Training involve?

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