Rally Rampage

The easiest way to get started with electronic navigation on your adventure bike for all types of social & rally events.

Now is the time to experience something new on your adventure rides.

Welcome to rally without the race!

Let’s get you going with mobile navigation and social rally riding.

All this with your mobile device and adventure bike.


Electronic roadbook and mobile navigation training.


Navigation events for adventure bikes in rally event format.


Bluetooth handlebar controller to navigate the mobile device while riding.


Rally towers for KTM and Husqvarna bikes for extra wind and equipment protection.

What is ‘rally without the race’?

  • A format of participating in rally-style events without racing using a adventure bike.
  • Aimed more at small capacity adventure bikes due to the nature of the routes.
  • This format of riding is affordable, available and opens the typical rally experience to the rider coming from adventure riding.
  • It’s for someone that has progressed through various types of adventure bike riding experiences and now find themselves wanting more from their bikes and riding events.
  • Especially if you have riding experience and the bike to match. Time to put that KTM890 and your navigation experience to the test.
  • For riders that want to experience rally stage events, but not necessarily racing or professional event participation.

Why focus on navigation & rally?

  • There is possibly to much focus on skill, speed or just socialising in current adventure riding.
  • You most probably have an interest in events such as Dakar, but your closest experience is taking your adventure bike out on a weekend, or riding a GPS route on an annual social event.
  • The key to unlocking a more adventurous riding experience is adding in proper navigation.

Answers to some common questions

How to get started
  • MOTORBIKE: Get a bike. For rally events, pref smaller capacity as the typical routes on events includes sand and technical riding. For adventure riding, any bike will do.
  • TRAINING: Go for training to see if it’s your cup of tea. Click here…
  • TECHNOLOGY: Get a mid-range affordable mobile android phone or tablet, with a sturdy mounting. Consider a rugged device with a large battery and bright screen. Click here …
  • APPS: Install a couple of free navigation apps. We recommend two apps aimed at displaying GPX route files and the other for electronic roadbook. Click here …
  • CONTROLLER: Purchase or build a Bluetooth handlebar controller. This is for controlling your routes and maps on your mobile device while riding. Click here …
  • ROUTES: Create or source routes load and ride. You can join current events or create your own.
  • RIDE IT: Ride it as if you stole it, but only as fast as you can navigate
Typical costs to get involved
Excluding the cost of a bike, you will only need:
  • A mobile device (tablet or mobile phone)
  • Mount to mount your device in front of you
  • Handlebar controller to navigate the device while riding
  • Free apps to load and view your routes
  • Training if needed but it really makes sense
  • Events to test your new equipment and skills
Misconceptions about mobile devices
  • It’s not as expensive as you might think.
  • Get the right phone.

  • Phones, like GPS devices, are made to withstand a certain amount of sun and abuse. 
  • Don’t use your expensive phone that has camera stabilisers. Get a cheaper Android phone or tablet.
  • You use a phone with apps that virtually everyone knows how to work it.
Misconceptions about rally bikes and events
  • It’s not as expensive as you might think.
  • You don’t need a rally tower to do rallies or
  • You use a phone with apps that virtually everyone knows how to work it.
  • You will need to learn new stuff, co go and do some training.
How to get training first before buying or commiting
  • Many people are comfortable with navigation, but most avoid it and simply ride with the group leader. But it’s great fun and actually a critical school to acquire.
  • We offer classroom training for groups to learn how to use mobile devices for navitation.
  • Leading into a completelly new world of events and experience.

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