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Navigating Adventure Riding with Rally Rampage

Step into a new era of adventure and amateur rally riding with Rally Rampage.

Our mission centers on maximizing the potential of mobile devices for effortless navigation. Our events and products are focused on equipping adventure bikes and adventure riders that are looking for slightly more than your normal coffee run on a Sunday.

Through our state-of-the-art digital roadbook and GPX outrides with waypoint tracking events, we’re reshaping the landscape of amateur rally events on adventure bikes.

Explore Our Triad of Trailblazing Services

Digital Roadbook & Navigation Events

Embrace Adventure, Master Navigation

Revolutionize your off-road riding with our Rampage Rally digital roadbook and navigation events. Enjoy intricate routes and navigational challenges that enhance your riding experience.


Bluetooth Handlebar Controller

Navigate with Ease, Stay in Control

Our Bluetooth Handlebar Controller seamlessly integrates with your mobile device, allowing for effortless, hands-on navigation. The future of navigation is here, it’s wireless, and it’s handlebar-ready.


Adventure & Rally Towers

Rugged, Reliable and Ready to Race!

Our Adventure and Rally Towers, designed for KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles, provide the perfect mounting solution for your gear. For adventure riders or amateur rally racers, gear up confidently with our towers.


Our dedication goes beyond digital, including superior hardware like our unique Bluetooth navigation devices and rally towers for KTM and Husqvarna bikes. We’re pioneering mobile navigation through advanced digital roadbook rides and tracking events.

Our Rampage Rally events and challenges are designed to enhance the adventure ride, offering a step beyond the typical weekend outing.


Chart Your Course with Rally Rampage

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Upcoming riding events in South Africa!

Don’t miss the opportunity to join some amazing local adventure bike and rally events!

In 2024, we’re proud to continue our very popular Rampage Rally One Day Challenges – one-day rally-style events designed specifically for your adventure or rally bike.

The best part?

All you need is your mobile device, and you’re good to go.

But for those looking to take their experience to the next level, we’ve also got a range of products that can help. Check out our selection of high-quality, innovative equipment that’s designed to enhance your adventure and rally experience.


Rally towers for KTM and Husqvarna bikes for extra wind and equipment protection.

We have designed our own rally tower for KTM bikes that can assist with the wind while travelling, as well as offer protection for your navigation equipment, mounted on your bike. A rally tower is not compulsory to ride events, but it does make your life a lot easier as a bike pilot.



Bluetooth handlebar controller to navigate the mobile device while riding.

To assist adventure bike riders with scrolling a mobile device while riding, for either a map or electronic roadbook, we offer an in-house designed handlebar controller that connects with your mobile device using Bluetooth.



Get ready to hit the road with confidence!

We’re here to show you the ins and outs of using your mobile device or tablet for all your adventure bike navigation needs.

From scenic rides to full-on rally events, let’s get you navigating like a pro in no time.

Get ready for a whole new type of adventure riding! At Rampage, we believe in the power of navigation and rally events to take your rides to the next level.

Here’s why:

  • Bored of the same old adventure riding events that focus solely on speed or socializing? It’s time to mix things up!
  • Ever dreamt of tackling a Dakar-style rally but only have the opportunity to ride your adventure bike on weekends or during annual social events? We’re here to change that!
  • The secret to unlocking true adventure on two wheels? Proper navigation! Join us and discover a whole new world of exciting rides.

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