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Rampage Rally One-day Challenge Events are a new exciting off-road adventure that involves navigating a pre-set route using a digital roadbook on a mobile device.


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Navigating Adventure Like Never Before
Rampage Rally brings to life a one-of-a-kind adventure riding experience with its unique One-Day Challenge (ODC). The essence of the ODC lies in its Dakar-style riding and navigation. Riders traverse a thrilling route, follow a digital roadbook on their mobile devices, and collect waypoints along the way.

Testing Skills and Endurance
Success in these challenges isn’t merely about reaching the end of the route. Riders need to collect all waypoints and do it in a specific timeframe. This exhilarating experience is designed not only for amateur rally riders but also for adventure riders seeking to add an extra dimension to their regular rides.

Minimal Modifications, Maximum Experience
Rampage Rally stands out for its minimal requirements. Participants need a road-legal and well-maintained adventure or rally bike, equipped with a mobile phone or tablet for navigation. With a simple roadbook app and internet access, participants can embark on their journey, proving that no complex modifications are necessary for a maximum adventure experience.

A True Test of Off-Road Tenacity
The routes, mainly consisting of dirt roads and tracks, may not be excessively technical, but the event is not intended for beginners. It resembles a small off-road rally, demanding sound navigational skills, self-reliance, and a willingness to tackle unexpected obstacles. The rides are not designed to accommodate pillion passengers, underlining the focus on individual skill and resilience.

The Rally-Style Start
On the day of the event, riders gather for a briefing at 8 am, followed by a staggered start from 8:30 am to 9 am. The riders navigate and ride independently or in pairs, emphasizing the focus on self-reliance and rally-style adventure.

Choosing Your Navigation Class

One of the unique aspects of a Rampage Rally is its flexibility when it comes to navigation. This gives participants the freedom to choose their preferred method, promoting an inclusive environment for riders with varying familiarity with navigation technology.

Four navigation classes are offered during a Rampage Rally:

  1. Class 1 – Mobile Digital Roadbook: This class utilizes the power of modern smartphones to navigate using digital roadbook apps. A seamless integration of technology and tradition, it caters to riders who enjoy the convenience of mobile technology.
  2. Class 2 – Mobile GPX: This class is for riders who prefer using GPX files for navigation via mobile apps. It’s a simple and efficient method, keeping the rider informed about their current position and upcoming turns.
  3. Class 3 – Garmin GPX: This class suits riders who rely on the trusted Garmin platform for their navigational needs. Riders in this class download a GPX file, which they then install on their Garmin devices.
  4. Class 4 – No Navigation, just following: Perfect for those who prefer the thrill of the ride over the technicalities of navigation, participants in this class follow groups with navigators.

It is recommended that riders familiarize themselves with their chosen navigation method before the event as the schedule does not allow time for setup or training on the day of the ride. However, organizers are on-hand from 7:00 am to assist if needed.

Waypoint Collection via Digital Tracking
Riders are tasked with following the route, passing waypoints, and digitally “collecting” them via their mobile device and app. As participants navigate the challenges, they do so without bike tracking, medical support, or vehicle backup, further underscoring the event’s focus on self-reliance.

Safety and Awareness
Given the nature of the event, riders are reminded that their safety and preservation are paramount. The provided roadbooks, created using satellite views and local knowledge, might not account for all obstacles or danger zones. Riders may encounter changes to the routes, closed paths, or gates not indicated in the roadbooks. A backup GPX file of the route is available in case a rider needs to exit the challenge or gets lost.

Rampage Rally: A Unique Blend of Adventure and Rally
Rampage Rally merges the thrill of rally riding with the spirit of adventure motorcycling, creating a unique blend that pushes the boundaries of both. It presents an exciting challenge for riders seeking more than a typical weekend ride. It’s not just about the destination, but the journey – navigated and experienced in true rally style.

Using a mobile device for navigation has many benefits over traditional GPS devices!

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