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This page is to help upcoming mobile navigators with setting up their mobile navigation on their bikes.

This information may get outdated and many other options exist. This info given is purely from my own experience and I am happy to stand by it as I use exactly this equipment which I isolated as the best-of-breed for my requirements as an adventure and rally rider.

There are no guarantees on using the equipment and what it can offer. You will have to make up your mind and commit to this world of mobile navigation.

Good luck and I hope to see you navigate with confidence on the trails!

So what do you need to navigate with mobile or electronic roadbooks

You need 4 components to set up an electronic mobile navigation structure.

Here are the four components:


You need an actual mobile device in the form of a phone or tablet.

For your mobile device we recommend almost any ‘Android’ device, but a device that is not expensive. You can use a tablet or phone.

Tablets have larger screens that are more visible.


You need to mount your device on your bike.

You can use a simple clamp system or go big with a dedicated type mount for either your tablet or your phone.

But it needs to be sturdy and withstand riding.


Not compulsory but highly recommended. This little device is placed on your handlebar and allows you to safely and easily do basic navigation functions from your handle on your mobile device while you ride. If ‘electronic roadbook’ navigation is your requirement, then you will need this unit.


We all use mobile apps every day. The same goes for your bike navigation on your mobile. There are hundreds of truly amazing apps available either for free or very affordable. We recommend 5 possible apps to consider as we have tested them and used them. These apps have also been set up already in the Bluetooth controller from Rampage.



All the above components can range from any price. However, a reasonable cost for a non-competitive environment or adventure bike set up to look at would be:

South African Rand US Dollars Botswana Pula
Mobile device R3 000 $207 BWP 2 370
Device Mount R1 600 $110 BWP 1 264
Apps R200 $14 BWP 158
TOTAL R4 800 $331 BWP 3 792

For the optional extra Rampage Navigation Handlebar Controller:

South African Rand US Dollars Botswana Pula
Bluetooth Controller R4 500  $311 BWP 3 555
This unit is also available for FREE as a Built It Yourself Project from Rampage

Device setup and equipment?

Here is a list of devices and hardware that can get you up and running quickly with the right equipment.

For a rugged tablet on your adventure bike

Normal tablet   Device Link to product
Tablet  Tablet Ulephone Armor Pad https://ruggedsa.co.za/product/ulefone-armor-pad-rugged-tablet/
Case Rugged case (if needed) Rugged case for Ulephone No sure. Currently we are using a bespoke mount for ours
Mount Tablet mounting RAM Mount as above


For a rugged tablet on your rally bike

Rugged tablet   Device Link to product
Tablet Option 1 Tripltek 7″ Rugged https://www.tripltek.com/tripltek7
  Option 2 Tripltek 8″ Rugged https://www.tripltek.com/tripltek8
Mounting Holder Custom design or Rampage
Charging Swivel magnetic charger cable https://www.takealot.com/3-in-1-micro-type-c-lightning-magnetic-fast-charging-cable-1-con/PLID93304692
Handlebar Controller Rampage Bluetooth Controller Download the controller design as open-source for free or purchase a unit from us

Mobile device specification

There are thousands of mobile devices available that will work perfectly. These specs are only a guideline to work with based on basic fast useability that is required for maps, graphics etc.

Operating system Android
CPU Quadcore+
Screen size 6″+
Memory 3-4GB+ RAM
Storage Does not matter as most phones offer 32GB or more
Battery 4000mA+
Screen Good screen (Gorilla glass)
Store Google Playstore


Notes on deciding what device to use:

  • Do not use an expensive mobile device. They have camera stabilisers which will damage when riding a bike.
  • Don’t use a low entry-level phone. Use a mid-level phone that you can purchase cash over the counter or online

Mobile apps to consider

At the moment we use and recommend using Android and not Apple devices and apps for mobile navigation.

This is due to the flexibility found in Android.

You will thanks me later!

For GPX/KMZ/KML type files and routes

For electronic roadbooks

Google Playstore App Quick link
Roadbook Rally Reader (Interactive roadbook) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roadbookrally.rbrr
Rally Roadbook Reader (PDF Scroller) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rallynavigator.rallyroadbookreader
Piste Roadbook Reader (PDF Scroller) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eroadbook


Some videos to help

These are some videos from our YouTube channel to show and tell what we know and share about mobile device navigation.

We hope you enjoy them!

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