Get ready to register for one of the most amazing modern motorbike events you will ever ride.

The Rampage Rally Multi Day Challenge

A new format of riding a rally event with your adventure bike using Dakar rally style navigation from your mobile device. Now everyone can experience the thrill of rally events.

Quick Event Summary and Info

Event Summary

The event is called Rampage Rally MultiDay Challenge (MDC). It is aimed at introducing adventure riders to the world of rally. This Rampage Rally MDC 2024 is a non-competitive, multi-day off-road adventure bike ‘rally’ event held in the Northern Cape, South Africa from Thursday, 8 August to Sunday, 11 August 2024. Designed for amateur adventure riders and rally enthusiasts, it emphasizes navigation skills using digital roadbooks and GPX routes using mobile devices for navigation.


The cost for the event is R12,500, which includes accommodation, food, and event infrastructure such as routes, marshals, tracking equipment, medical support, and recovery services. For riders from Gauteng, there is an additional option of R4,500 for transportation if more than five riders opt for this. This price excludes personal food, drinks, bike, navigation equipment, and fuel.


Northern Cape, South Africa
The event has a single bivouac located at The Houthoop Guest Farm, Northern Cape. Explore the vast, rugged landscapes perfect for adventure riding. The event covers the whole area from the Orange River north down to Strandfontein, approximately 200 km south of the bivouac.


Thursday, 8 August to Sunday, 11 August 2024
This covers the long weekend in August on the South African calendar. Mark your calendars for an unforgettable experience.


Challenging and scenic routes designed to test navigation and endurance, shared with the Crono Rally infrastructure. The overall distance for the MDC is approximately 1500 km, split into a prologue of 20 km and the remainder of the distance spread over three days. The first day (558 km) is the easiest, allowing riders to acclimate to the format and terrain. From there, it becomes progressively harder, culminating in the climax of the event on the third day.

Navigation Method

Navigation for the MDC is done using an Android mobile device, either your mobile phone or tablet. If you have a rugged version of a device, even better. You don’t need anything else other than your bike and your mobile device for navigation. Your device must be mounted on your bike for navigation purposes in clear view while you ride. Any additional equipment or setup is welcome, such as rally towers, Bluetooth navigation buttons, or similar. There will be no GPX file supplied separately for Garmins or standalone devices other than the explained app for your mobile phone. The main reason is that the Rampage MDC runs alongside a registered competitive event, and we cannot let the routes out. Luckily, using our app, the routes are locked and secure.

Navigation by Mobile

Using our special navigation app on your Android mobile, you will receive a PIN each morning to load your route in seconds. From there, you have your GPX route or roadbook on your device for easy navigation, eliminating manual loading. Each rider should have a backup device that will also have the routes.

Mobile Navigation App

The app we use for this event is called RBR. It offers significant benefits over a normal navigation app, providing an interactive waypoint experience where your waypoints are collected during the ride to complete it. It is safer and more fun than other forms of navigation. RBR and Rampage offer the route as an interactive roadbook for rally-oriented riders or an interactive waypoint GPX Adventure for those who prefer line navigation and waypoint collection.


  • Digital Roadbooks: Digital Roadbook with interactive waypoints on Android devices using the RBR app. Auto-scroll available.
  • GPX Adventure: Line navigation on mobile devices with interactive waypoints using the RBR app.
  • Follower: No navigation needed, just follow along with another navigator.


The MDC is a tough challenge and rally-based event for you and your adventure bike. It is not suitable for beginner riders or big bikes. We do not dictate the bike size, but considering the terrain and technicality, small capacity bikes from 500 cc, 700 cc up to 1000 cc would be suitable, based on rider skill. The smaller, the better. The MDC is suitable for small capacity, road-legal adventure bikes.

Equipment Needed

  • Reliable Android mobile device for navigation (mobile phone or tablet).
  • Personal riding gear.
  • Basic bike maintenance tools.

Accommodation and Food

Accommodation is provided at The Houthoop, with main meals included. Riders can bring their own bedding. Snacks, energy food, or drinks are the rider's responsibility. A cash bar is available. Shared accommodation options are available, with preferences for sharing partners.

Skills Required

  • Good riding fitness for daily distances over 500 km, including liaison and special stages.
  • Endurance and perseverance.
  • Basic but strong navigation skills (unless in the Follower class).
  • Good spirit.


Inspired by the spirit of Dakar, the Rampage Rally offers a unique non-competitive adventure riding experience. Our aim at Rampage is to introduce rally-style riding and navigation formats to adventure bikes looking for a little more. Modern mobile devices offer an amazing navigation experience similar to that of big Dakar rally-style bikes, providing a new type of motorbike event.


Register online, providing personal details, next of kin information, medical aid, and bike specifications. Ensure your equipment meets the event requirements. Registration is conducted via the website or direct contact.

Rules & Competition

  • Non-competitive with no winners or podiums.
  • Emphasizes self-reliance and solo navigation.
  • Rampage riders must not race or provoke Crono riders.
  • Assistance is allowed for medical or mechanical issues, but not for navigation.
  • Rampage riders may not help Crono riders with navigation or route finding due to the difference in navigation options and equipment.
  • Other rules apply and must be adhered to.


  • Day 0 (Thursday, 8 August): Accommodation check-in, event registration, bike scrutineering, tracking registration, and prologue (20 km).
  • Days 1-3 (Friday-Sunday, 9-11 August): Early rise at 5 AM, ready to throttle out at 7 AM. Rampage starts 1 hour after the competitive riders on the same tracks. Daily rides feature timed starts, live tracking, and marshalling. Evening social activities and briefings.
  • Evenings and Mornings: Rider briefings each day in the morning and evening, with social activities in the evening.

Safety Measures

  • Real-time rider tracking using satellite technology.
  • Event-wide tracking for safety.
  • Shared medical infrastructure with Crono Rally.
  • Personal medical insurance required.
  • Rider support and backup with various vehicles.

Rider Tracking

Real-time tracking to ensure rider safety and monitor progress throughout the event. Riders must exercise caution in remote areas.


Fuel stops are spaced approximately 200 km apart. Riders should refuel whenever possible and can use Crono support vehicles for additional fuel transport.